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The God Experiment

The mission of The God Experiment is to enable listeners to understand and apply God's principles on a personal level. 

Apr 23, 2022

Jeremiah reads chapters 7 & 8 of the Gospel of John, and responds in an extemporaneous manner. 

Apr 15, 2022

Jeremiah talks about the importance of listening to our own advice. The hypothesis is that the advice we give to others is often just as applicable to ourselves. The experiment is to pay attention to the advice you give others and reflect upon how you should follow that advice today.

Apr 9, 2022

Jeremiah talks about the spiritual importance of friendship relationships. The hypothesis is that Jesus wants a deep friendship with you. The experiment is to find practical ways in which to relate to God as a friend.

Apr 2, 2022

The hypothesis of this episode that in times of difficulty, we might intentionally distract ourselves from taking an honest look at our current state of being. The experiment is to become aware of when we are engaging in coping behavior and determine to go boldly to the heavenly Father’s throne of grace.