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The God Experiment

The mission of The God Experiment is to enable listeners to understand and apply God's principles on a personal level. 

Nov 4, 2022

Jeremiah talks about a relational mode of prayer. 

Aug 27, 2022

Jeremiah talks about being sensitive and responsive to God’s voice. The hypothesis is that it doesn’t always make sense when God directs us in our lives. The Experiment is to respond to His leading, regardless of our level of understanding. This episode also discusses how The God Experiment will no longer be a...

Aug 17, 2022

Jeremiah and his dad talk about the challenges involved in relating to the Trinity. Topics include how we overcome the possible hurdles in our heart when relating to one Person of the Trinity, as well as the conflict between a relational approach to Christianity and the Western desire for objectivity and logic.  

Aug 11, 2022

Jeremiah talks with his dad about two ideas surrounding worship. The first is the view of worship as being primarily a liturgical (or Church-based) expression. The second involves the use of music in personal devotional times, including an example of singing the Scriptures aloud.

Aug 6, 2022

It's time to reconnect with your motivation for worshiping God. The hypothesis of this episode is that each person must find their own reason to worship. The experiment is to reconnect with the reasons why you have chosen to maintain a relationship with the Heavenly Father, and then worship Him from that place of...